Author Topic: Rules READ THIS BEFORE YOU TRY TO BUY OR SELL ANYTHING!  (Read 51704 times)

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« on: January 28, 2011, 10:04:51 AM »
What this is Board is for is the Selling, buying and or trading of everything (And when I say everything I mean everything LEGAL either by your State Laws or Federal Laws or according to the Laws of the Country you live in), Firearms Related. It either will have or has by now (depending on what time frame in the history of this forum you are in) Separate Categories for Handguns, Shotguns, Rifles, and one for everything else. Please use the correct spot even if it means you have to post in more than one Category because you are cleaning out everything. It will, I hope, make things easier on everyone to keep tract of what is for sale, trade or whatever, and has been sold, traded, or whatever IT IS NOT FOR PRICE QUOTES! Or guesstimates for things you want to sell but don't know what they are worth. IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT BUYING A WEAPON THEN SAY YOUR QUESTION IS FOR THAT REASON. But you can still go to any of the hundreds or places selling what you have and see what the average price is. You can even look through any of these posts to see if member has sold what you have or want and for how much. ONLY MEMBERS ARE ALLOWED TO SELL ANYTHING, This in not an Auction house or for drive by sales. I thought about a couple different names for this, And this is the best I could do for now. If you can think of a clever name for this then please let me know and we will put all suggestions out to a poll and the most votes is the new name. Thank you and Happy Sales to You.
Oh and least we all forget that old Latin favorite "Caveat Emptor".(Buyer Beware) remains the cautionary phrase of the day.
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