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Fingerprint / biometric safes - any experiences / recommendations ?

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Well, after some more research I ended up getting a Stack-On small safe (box, really) with keypad and key backup. It was cheap ($44 after tax at Wallys), very sturdy, allows for an 8 digit combo so brute forcing the password is not practically possible. I can fit a gun, two magazines, speedloader and 3 50rd boxes of ammo in it (at least the white cubes of Federal, some other boxes may take up more space). It does have bottom holes so it can be screwed to some unmoveable object, but at this point I am concerned with kids, not thieves. About the only thing I don't like is that the keypad is not lighted, however it is a standard phone layout so I can dial the combo in complete darkness, just need to work on speed.

         Hey would you please post a link to that safe/box you have? I'm sure some of the members may want to take a look at it. and I know I would, not that I have an children at home any more, but it sounds like a pretty good idea, and I would like to see it.

Here's the link to that safe on Amazon.

Wallmart carries it under "Winchester" brand but somewhere on the box it says "Stack-On". Price is about the same.

EDIT: Fixed link

       Thanks for the fix to the link. I don't have children or grand children so I'm not that concerned about where my weapons are at any one time. Hardly any visitors that I don't know and all adults, but still it seems like a good idea to have one, and apparently it appears to the reviewers that it will hold more than one weapon. Wouldn't hurt just to have a couple around the house and one for my wife's jewelery or for important papers.


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