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What CZ Should I Get?

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I figured that this was the perfect place to ask the question, since that's what this forum is called.

I shoot most of my "little stuff" in .40 S&W. I stand by that round, but am realizing that I need the "old staple", a 9mm for a couple of reasons. I want to shoot cheaper. First and foremost. My carry weapon (once my license arrives) is a subcompact in .40 and it can be a bit... snappy... to handle.

So, I want a CZ, I want full-size (or as close as possible), I want it in 9mm Parabellum, and I would love to be able to bring her home for less than $550 ($500 would be nice. I teach.  :tongue: ).

I've been considering the 75, 85 Combat (my favorite so far), and the SP-01. I guess those are really the only options at the price.

Uses would be range/plinking and possible carry, especially once it cools down. I'm a "big" man, particularly around the middle, and usually wear loose button-ups, polos, and sweaters.

Thanks for your help!

Nuttin', eh? Oh well... I went in to get a couple of boxes of ammo today, and they happened to have a 75 in stock and on sale. I wasn't entirely sure when I was looking at pictures of the 75 (especially vs. the 85c), but after holding it in my hands, I was sold. So i put it on layaway. It will probably be a couple of months before I can get it out, but it will soon be mine!

     Sorry no idea how I at least missed your question, but frankly the 85 combat is a smoking fire arm and has a couple extra little safety features added, Really it's a CZ 75B that has been up graded. As for the 75 you picked out that's one of the "founding fathers" as it were of the CZ-USA line of 9mm. I happen to like it's daddy the 75 A but the B ain't nuttin to sneer at either. And if they have it on sale for the price range you are happy with then I say you are ahead of the deal.
     So I hope I don't or haven't missed any other questions from you or anyone else, and I'll try to stay on top of things better. When you finally get to bail it out of hock I hope you post some pics of that bad boy.

The only thing I don't like about the 75... Well, the only question I have about the 75 is that you can't put a light on it or anything. It looks like you have to step up to either on of the compacts (no thanks; not right now) or the Shadow for a rail. However, the gun feels wonderfully balanced, and any tacti-cool accessories would upset that.

Man, I really love that pistol though. It felt so nice... I like it much more than the Beretta I have been seeing everyone shoot with, and it's definitely in a class above the Glock. It's likely WAY too big for me to carry concealed, but it will be much better for the house and the range. And when the zombies come...

     My 75 A was my carry weapon 24/7 on duty or off, in uniform or mufti, No one every stopped me as long as I had it covered, and in the South "cover is usually a t-shirt or polo or a waberra(sp?) (Latin shirt ment to be worn out side the pants almost allways decorated with fancy stitching), I LOVE those shirts. Comfortable as all get out, dang nice looking and great for stashing the odd weapon under.


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