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Crusty Deary Old Coot:
Morn'in CZ shooters.
Recently looked at some CZ - semi-autos in 40S&W, but when I get on the CZ web site, find I didn't get enough info during the hands on session. Model numbers etc.
My interest go to the .40 in a compact model, BUT NOT!!!!!!! with an alloy frame.
Can someone point me to the threads on this forum which give poster's likes/dislikes for those ???model #???
Not a lot of interest - here - in the 9mm or smaller and already have a .45 in the P345 Ruger.
Keep em coming!
Crusty Deary Ol'Coot

 Well Welcome to the  O. G. & Y. 'R' Us Forum! (Old Geezers and Younger)
     You state flat out you rather not more or less deal with an Alloy frame. How do you feel about Polymer composites? And then there is the old stand by Steel frames. No way this side of the 3rd coming am I even vaguely an "Expert" (I have an abiding dislike for that word) on firearms. I do know something about CZ's and some other minor things on an esoteric level. Alloy frames have come a long way since Colt first tried them out on its Colt Agent Air Weight. (makes a good paper weight though).  But I also know more than a few folks have issues with Alloys and the environment they are in the most. Cold or Freezing to warm and back again, or the opposite here in the Southern US, with expansion and contracting all the time and possibly causing the weapon to lock up or seize. I really have never heard of any modern Alloys, let alone the ones used by CZ to ever have and problems.
     Polymer composite or say pistols with steel frames and polymer slides Had (and I actually mean Had) a problem with one or 2 of their models that had the polymer slide bulging or warping over time. CZ has been great about replacing those slides. There may still be some of those pistols out and about that haven't come/gone back to CZ yet, but that is neither here nor there in regards to this post.
     Steel Frames and Slides are still the king of the jungle when it comes to pistols. you can supply your own reasons for that.
     Now moving on to the .40 Cal's well you have a couple choices there, There is the Rare and Amazing Colt Z-40. The CZ .40 B S&W. The new CZ P-07 in .40 or 9mm is just about one of the nicest Pistol anyone anywhere ever designed and it's even better to shoot. Course that one is one of the Polymer ones. The CZ P06 comes in .40 Cal But that one has an Alloy Frame so never mind. The CZ 2075 RAMI P rocks the house but again it is also a Polymer, and the RAMI 2075 and the CZ 2075 RAMI BD are both also a Light Alloy.That's about all I came up with doing a quick searcher and recovery, and I hope it is of some small help to you in deciding which CZ to get.  If there is anything else you have questions about, myself and other members will be pleased as punch to see if we have the answer you need or want. Again welcome to the Forum.

Crusty Deary Old Coot:
Thanks GhostWarrior,  That info give me something to look at.
Have been a RUGER fan for many!! years, so the CZ listing are about like the B&C (means "Bean Can" gun or some folk call them S&W,, You know, S&W the canners of Beans, Corn, fruits and veggies) listing.
Oh Ooooooooo,, Second post and I've already made the B&C owners made at me! :grin: :laugh:
Just need to keep track of lots of names and numbers.
AS per the Polymer frames, my RUGER P345 is one of those, and seems to hold up to the stress.
However, be'in an Ol'Coot and never once having been accused of under building anything, I like to error on the side of strong and long lasting.
Was hoping to get to handle the new RUGER SR40 in .40B&C, but they weren't in yet at my local outlet, Soooooooo handled a CZ or two in .40 cal. and they kind of rang my bell.
Have heard for quite some time that the CZ handguns were good, but don't have any personal or hands on experience so figured this forum might be the place to find out the true scoop.
Thanks again!
Keep em coming!
Crusty Deary Ol'Coot

     Weeeeeellll I figure I qualify for the Old Coot moniker but I think Old Geezers is funnier and when you get to know me/us better you will understand why. My sense of humor took a left in stead of a right at Albuquerque and sort of slid into the Twilight Zone at some point.

     Any-ho, My very first "personal" weapon was a Ruger Speed Six .357 and then I got the Ruger Security Six .357, or the other way around, it was 40 years ago who remembers? who cares? Anyway I carried it in a tanker holster as my last ditch, etc defense. I also used it as my duty weapon when I was on the job. I LOVED those old wheel guns!, NEVER Failed me not one single time and there were times when AK's would have been taken offense to being used, but back in 84 or 85 I was looking at getting another Ruger when I got talked into trying out a CZ. Back then this particular Gunstore was owned by a Second Generation family member and run by her son and a couple of incredibly knowledgeable other weapons folks. This particular operation was so old school that that have every piece of equipment and blanks or parts to custom make a weapon if you had the greenbacks and had a clue. I am fairly sure it is safe to say that ever guy in the place and a goodly chunk of their customers at the time had seen the elephant up close and personal. Either in combat, on the job or the real thing on hunts. What ever, anyway their motto was "Too Strong, Don't Break". When they built something no matter what it was built Over spec and then some but at least Over Spec. Point being they had the skinny on CZ's and knew what the deal was and had me try one out for heft and feel, I bought that thing then and there, bought some ammo hit their indoor range and ran through the entire box of ammo like a kid at Christmas.

     Lucky for me I got it when I did because they got banned very soon after I bought mine and didn't make a comeback into the States until a few years later. I carried that CZ 75 9 mike mike made in 1984 for about 30 years? I gave it to my daughter (23) when she moved off to college and had all the training I and someone else could give her. By then I had a couple of other CZs and I wanted her to have the pistol I wore daily for more years than her age. Since then I have bought something in the neighborhood of 35 assorted CZ and until a about a year ago only in 9 mike mike.Then I discovered CZ 52's 7.62 x 25, and the CZ 82 9 x 19 mike mike. Weird cal but a hoot to shoot, and the 52 is an attention getter at every range I have ever been to.

      I also started collecting Unique or rare or limited editions as sort of an investment for my daughters old age. Some NIB and other Used but in excelant condition. The used ones I use.

     So there ya go more information than you or anyone else could ever want. I would by a CZ in a heart beat if I had the cash for it, and I have been thinking about buying an old Ruger Speed Six or Security Six to replace the ones I loved but no long have.

GW can put this MUCH better than I can (I think he already did), but I am going to put my two cents worth in anyway.

Oh. First of all, if you're in ID, you're close to me. Let's go shooting sometime!  :cheesy:
Next, I am VERY inexperienced in the world of firearms, but maybe that's a good thing here because I have no brand loyalties or anything. That having been said, I have tried a lot of different guns over the last several months, and in all the different calibers and sizes (full, compact, sub-compact, ultracompact, etc.) the CZs just handle in a way that suits me very well.

GW doesn't care for the .40 round, but I love it. And if I were in the market for another .40, the PZ-07 is a STRONG contender for my money. In fact, I would consider one in 9mm had the 85 Combat not just stolen my heart away. And I know you don't want polymer, but if anyone could make a polymer-frame pistol that will do you right (without you having to break the bank, it's CZ.

Please report back after you make your purchase!


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