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550FS - 6.5 - want, never seen...


Hello, new member, been lurking everywhere gathering info on 550FS's, Steyr ProHunters, and just got (and will be selling) a Steyr Scout in 7mm-08. It's gorgeous, but I really distaste the premium price it calls for in ammo, and I can't manage to group it as well as my M96 Swede. Otherwise, the bolt is fantastic, the clip-feed is grand, and the features on it are amazing....but...

That said, I've had a crush on a 550FS in 6.5x55 for a while. Problem is, I've never seen one, in reality.

So, I'm wondering if someone could put up pics of their 6.5x55 CZ550 FS, preferably next to either a 550 American or 527FS, so I can get an idea of size. Underside/bottom view, to get an idea of grip/width, and especially a good "muzzle-shot", so I could see bore diameter and thus barrel thickness.

Please, and Thank You!  :grin:

     Welcome to the forum and I know how you feel about the 550. However I own the 550 Urban Counter Sniper in .308, a Saiga in >308 and the only other CZ is actually a VZ 24 in .338 Win Mag. Not sure if any of those will help but if so then I have side picks posted but I can take other in the postions you asked for if it will actually do you any help. Oh and that 550 is amazing. I am not a long gun sort of guy but My friends here have really done great at helping me pick great long guns. I hope you have as much luck and friendship here with us. Again Welcome to the Forum.


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