Author Topic: RANGE REPORT!!! CZ 97 BD vs MK IV Series 80 1911  (Read 5278 times)


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RANGE REPORT!!! CZ 97 BD vs MK IV Series 80 1911
« on: September 28, 2012, 07:52:48 PM »
Ok, well my excuse, or rather, justification for getting yet another CZ just flew out the window today. "I'm not going to shoot this gun," I told myself. "I'm going to keep it un-fired as an investment." Hey, I lasted almost two weeks. That's pretty good. Maybe I'll make almost three weeks when my Satin Nickel 75 Compact .9mm shows up next week.....that I bought about two days ago :tongue:  Ok, on to the report.

The combatants:

I have to say that this is the SWEETEST 45 I have ever shot. Not that I have shot a whole lot of them, but I have shot a few tricked out 1911's that were very very nice, and a few Glocks. I was a little apprehensive about shooting my BD, simply because I was afraid I might be somewhat disappointed, knowing that no matter how much I would try not to compare the BD to those tricked out 1911's, I would. I did, and I was thrilled. My BD's felt recoil was/is a thing of beauty. You hardly notice it. I could shoot this thing all day long and I'd bet my hand would never get tired. The only way I can describe it's recoil is "soft". No snap, no jarring of my hand, no flip, no nothing. It was just perfect. THE best recoil I have ever felt from ANY handgun I have ever shot. And that includes my .357 Python, and thats saying something. The only words I can use to describe it is perfectly balanced. I shot, and was immediately back on target. The only thing those tricked out 1911's have over my BD is the trigger. Not to say that the BD doesn't have a decent trigger, it does. And with just a little trigger work I would put this gun up against any 1911. That said, my stock BD walked all over my stock 1911. This first picture is at 10 yards.They are the first shots of the day, (no warmup) and the first time to shoot the BD. The ammo is just some 230 grain range ammo I bought in bulk online a few months ago. Definitely nothing special. I used the same ammo in my 1911. Each target is seven rounds. The second picture is from my 1911 at ten yards, seven shots, 230 grain ammo.

CZ 97 BD, 230 grains at 10 yards.

1911, 230 grains at 10 yards.

At this point I must apologize. I also compared them at 25 yard but forgot to take the pictures. I know...D A.
But the results were very much the same. Much tighter grouping with the BD. I put a total of 150 rounds through it and not one hiccup. It was flawless. Keep it un-fired, as an investment. What was I thinking???

PS..How did it compare to the Glocks I have shot?.... Your kidding, right???

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Re: RANGE REPORT!!! CZ 97 BD vs MK IV Series 80 1911
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2012, 07:57:20 PM »
        Sorry I missed the pictures. :sad: Would like to have seen them. But it sounds like it worked out Very well indeed. I have the same problem with trying to keep a pistol pristine or shoot it. And it is so hard Not the pick the "Lets go to the range" one.  :laugh: I really love (I say that allot, but I do love All my CZ's. And people say you can't love more than one person or thing at a time. HA!) my 97 and if I think I may need it, No idea why but just saying, I will have it with me. The tough choice after that is deciding which other CZ I take as a backup. All things being equal I think I'll take the SP-07. Or the 52. Or the...................Yikes never mind there is no good way to answer this ahead of time. :laugh:
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Re: RANGE REPORT!!! CZ 97 BD vs MK IV Series 80 1911
« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2012, 02:11:27 PM »
Very nice.

My old 97B with MMC Nites was the most accurate CZ I've ever shot or owned!

This was back when I was skinny and had more money to buy and play with CZs.

However, I'm all excited to see what 2013 brings us CZ owners.

The prospect of a P-09 Duty or the revamped 97 line is very interesting.

Right now , I'd take a 97BD for a house/range gun and not look back.

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