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Installing night sights
« on: March 05, 2011, 03:12:04 PM »
Fired my CZ 75D PCR for first time yesterday. A lot of good things about piece, but it does need new sights.
I like night sights and only maker I could locate is Meprolight. Anyhow has anyone installed them and if so how is it done, how difficult, tools need, tricks you learned, etc? All information will be appreciated.
It appears have to take out roll pin to remove front sight and this same roll pin holds bushing in place. Can you reuse the roll pin or best to buy another. Is the roll pin something that must be a CZ part or can you use a generic roll pin?
I could not locate a sight pusher made specifically for CZ so guess the old tap, tap method. Concerned this could harm tritium in rear sight. Any experience in this area?
Again thanks for any help, suggestions.

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Re: Installing night sights
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2011, 11:24:53 PM »
The front sight is easy..uses the same roll pin. Back sight is tricky and you are better off to have a Gunsmith do it.

CZ-USA now requries you send in the whole pistol so they can test fire it with the new Nites.

Trijicon might be the best source to send your slide to.

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Re: Installing night sights
« Reply #2 on: March 11, 2011, 01:21:17 AM »
Here is what you need:
Rear sight punch:
Front sight roll pin punch:
Front Sight Drill:
You can buy them from CZ Custom, or at a local tool retailer like northern tool. Just make sure you have the right dimensions.
 Fitting The Front Sight:
Remove the roll pin using the appropriate punch. Tap the old front sight out (towards the muzzle) using an appropriate soft hammer or soft block

Replace the new front sight into the dovetail and tap it toward the back of the gun until it seats in the rear of the dovetail cut. Make sure it goes all the way to the back of the dovetail.

Using the front sight drill: Drill through the roll pin hole. (IMPORTANT) Drill from the left side of the gun to the right side, Drills cut clockwise and drilling from this direction will not cause the front sight to walk out as the drill starts to cut.

Replace the front sight pin.   
Fitting The Rear Sight: Remove the slide from the frame and place it in a vice. Using the rear sight punch, carefully tap out the rear sight. Replace the rear sight with the new one, and gently tap it in using the rear sight punch until it is aligned. (There is an alignment mark in the center of the rear sight, and the center of the top rail of the slide. Tap in until aligned.)
All done and you have new sights!

Here is a video on how to do the front sights:

Here is one for the rear sight:

Good luck!
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Re: Installing night sights
« Reply #3 on: March 12, 2011, 05:01:13 PM »
Thanks for replies so far. More advise, tips appreciated.
Right now I am considering replacing the front sight only with the tritium front sight from CZ custom, which is same height as factory sight. Presently tritium front sight not in stock. I really like tritium only on front sight as I get one bigger blur with three tritium dots at night. In short want to know were my muzzle is and figure that sufficient as will not be shooting at distance.
I wish video had shown drilling of replacement front sight, but I think I understand how to do it.
On protective jaws in vise. I find that old radiator hose cut in flat strips works well. Holds tight without slipping and protects finish. Just do not tighten vise too much.