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Hello all, well I'm going crazy trying to decide on which to purchase. A CZ SP-01 Phantom or the FNH FNX-9 both have rave reviews and I've looked just about everywhere for as much info as possible. My criteria: 9mm, hi cap. mag, comfortable, accurate, economical, full size to sub-compact. I prefer full size but, would like the ability to CCW if desired. Unfortunately no one in my area as either one (south Mississippi) so I can't fondle either. If anyone has any input on either or both I would really appreciate it. This would be for the purpose of home defense and hitting the range for some fun. Last pistol I had was a Sig P226 years ago when I was in law enforcement and I loved it but, can't afford one of those. Thanks

    I personally have 4 SP-01 Shadow's and I would carry any one of them as a ccw or as a duty weapon. I carried a CZ 75 (Pre-Ban) as my Duty weapon 7 days a week for years, both on the job and as a ccw. I have never had a CZ anything fail on me ever. The main difference between the 75 and the SP-01 Phantom is that the Phantom is about a third lighter than I presume the SP-01 Shadow.
      Regarding the FNH FNX-9 I have NO experience with it or any other FNH weapon made. So I canít make a comparison one against the other. However this I can say with a high level of confidence that the CZ is sold to more Police and Military agencies around the world than any other handgun manufacturer in the world. There is some indication that the CZ is actually sold more than any other 2 Manufacturers combined. It is just not that well known in the US. And myself and others are trying to correct that with this and other forums.
      I could add that I have little reason to wish to support the French in any way at all whether it be food drink or weapons, But that just me and I have said I donít intend partaking in PC Correctness. And not to put too fine a point on it this is the CZ Forum site.
      I certainly hope this has been of help to you in your decision making process. And while I am chatting to you I wish to welcome you to the forum and I am sure you will find a lot of great people here all willing to help each other and yourself.

Thanks, GW. I really think the SP-01 is the way to go (all metal) but, thought it might be a little big and heavy for CCW. I also prefer the manual safety. I did not know about the French thing. I knew that they were out of Belgium and had a plant in the USA. Thanks for the Information. I'm gonna see if I can find someone around the Mobile, AL area. Their pretty close to me, just so I can get a feel.

Shiny. Good idea, always see if there is a way to handle the weapon before you buy as you certainly already pointed out. After all it will be not only an investment but after that it becomes yours and if you can't live with it then you only endanger yourself or others. What I mean is that if it is to heavy for you personally to carry it CCW especially for long periods of time, two things happen, You either stop carrying it except when you think you have to, which generally in Murphy's world means that will be when you really need it and don't have it. Or you simply begin to dislike the weapon which makes you distrust the weapon and so you don't practice with it as much as you should. I really don't know about FN's. They are without a doubt a worldwide well know manufacture of weapons. Don't take what I think as the end all be all opinion.

I simply have carried CZ for the last 30  years most all of them have been in the CZ 75 class and I think the SP-01's are maybe a bit heavier, I have them also and I have carried them, Just not as long term as the 75. Best wishes.

BTW I'll give you an example of not trusting a weapon because you don't like it. I was advised to buy a S&W Agent Airweight (.38) snuby as a back up so I did, But as I used it on the range more and more I began to seriously dislike it. It is now a loaded paperweight that I keep as a reminder to try first buy later.

Well I finally got to feel a couple today. The CZ 75B and the FNX-9. I loved the way the CZ felt in my hand very comfortable but, a bit heavy. The FNX felt good but, not as good as the CZ. It was however much lighter which I did like. Have not been able to find a phantom to hold but, on paper the weight is very close to the FNX. I did like the sights on the FNX very large three dot. The CZ had 3 dot night sights but, much smaller. A little more pondering and pricing I suppose.


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