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Just ordered some CZ75 mags


I just ordered some CZ 75 Mags on Midway.


Maybe not the lowest price but when I added all my items to the cart and with their shipping, for me, this ended up to be the best I could find.

I got some factory Ruger mags for the Mini-14, those things are not cheap, but nice heavy steel mags that will last.

Everything was in stock and shipped for less than $10.00.

Rodolfo Fierro:
The lowest price for 20 rd mags is $9.99 The factory mags are almost three times more.  So far all of these that I have bought have worked fine.  Others that I bought needed the sharp front edge of the mag rounded where the bullet sliders over.  A small round file run over the contact point will fix almost any magazine. 
I like 20 rd mags because you can shoot them from a prone position.  The 30 rd mags make you pop your head up too much.

Forgot to say, I got the mags two days ago. Much earlier than expected.

I just took each mag and loaded my snap caps in them and done some dry firing, made sure it stayed open when the last was ejected.
Loaded them all up. One of them, the last one, it was really hard to get the 16th one in there. I locked them up in the ammo safe and will let them sit. They will be my range mags. The proven/original mags will now get some JHP of some nature tested through them and used for protection.

I have proven the original mags and now they become the trusted self defense mags.


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