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Hi there.  I am new to the forum and also relatively new to the CZ's.  I Purchased a 75b about 2 months ago and really like it. 
The gun is currently at CZ custom getting some XS sights installed, and a custom trigger job.  Once I get the gun back I would like to get some new grips to dress it up a little bit. So I was wondering what kind of grips you guys have on your gun and If you could post some pictures for me too check them out so I kind figure out what I want.
I liked my CZ so much, and miss it  so much while it's gone that I had to go out and buy another one.  So I picked up a p-07 about two weeks ago, and although it's a very different gun than the 75b, I really like it. I think it might replace my ruger as my carry gun.

I have and really like the standard rubber grips. Everyone says they fit their hand perfectly.

Welcome to our forum!! The CZ is a great gun in all it flavors... I have the 75 B SA with the cheap rubber finger grips, nothing special. Mine is the one in the lower left

       I'm and old geezers so my memory is not what it was, presuming it ever was in the first place. Anyway, I think I have pics posted on here of most of my pistols and that would (or wood) :laugh: mean you should be able to see the grips as well. Also CZCustom has a really nice set of wood grips and I have a set of them on both my Competition SP-01 Shadows. I personally think they are great, and I don't think I will ever trade them out. But everone gets to have there own choices and tastes, (ya just gotta love this country!). Anywho check the near and dear to our hearts board, or the pistol comparison board, one or both will have some decent shots of the grips on some of my CZ's.
       Oh and Welcome to our Forum, We are glad to have you and we love to teach folks about CA's and maybe learn something ourselves in the process, so ask any questions you need to,someone will more than likely have an answer or point you in the direction you need to be to find your answer. By the same token if you happen to come across a quest you happen to have an answer for, then go ahead and post your answer. So Welcome again.

I have some pics of some of Ghosts guns I can post later when I get home....


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