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CZ 75 B 75th CZUB Anniversary 1936-2011

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          I wish I knew a craftsman that could make a box that couldn't be easily broken into, with a Lexan window, I have both models now and really would like to display them, but I also have not intention of making it easy to get at my weapons before myself or the police arrive, and I haven't found anything that works as yet, nor anyone with idea on how. I think I would even like one big enough to put all 4 Anniversary pistols in as a set piece.  And you are right the Silver and black one comes in a regular CZ box, the Short rail was the only one to get a buffalo hide case.
       And Welcome to our forum!. Hope you have fun here, and feel free to ask questions or give answers. Great bunch of folks here and we all like to help, or try to.

You are mentioning four(4) pistols!
Are they the same or different ones?

        Not sure what you mean by 4? But CZUB actually made 2 Versions for the 75th Anniversary. The actual 75th is a Short Rail Retro version which only had 75 made per Continent, and numberedand the Continent engraved on the side next to the ? of 75. IE The ones for North America read ? of 5 N.America (which I'm guessing got split up between Canada, the US and Mexico?). And it's in a presentation case (mini brief case) covered with Buffalo Hide. The other one is the one pictured here and that one is also marked ? of but no Continent, and came packaged in a normal everyday CZ pistol box. There were only about 450 total made of each version.
      Since I had to do it sooner or later I went ahead and photographed them together so everyone can see. I will have to do it again I think, but for now these will do the job:


Where can I get one with the briefcase?

         I am very sorry to say it will not be particularly easy to find one anywhere. There were only 75 made for the North American Continent, and that means 75 total for Canada, the US and Mexico. They didn't last a day when they went on sale. One of the reasons also is that those are the Retro Short Rails. And Short Rails even Retro ones are for a lot of CZ owners the Holy Grail of CZ's, so when they get one they won't let it go soon nor cheaply, Sorry.
         The only way I got mine was pure and simple accident and timing. Friend of mine stumpled on one in a store and bought it. Then decided he wanted something else that was more expensive then it was and since he knew I was a rabid collector and he really wasn't he sold it to me, and I almost missed out on it all the same.
        You can try haunting the Auction sights for one, I have seen 2 of the Second Model with the Eagle's on the grip on auction but not a Short Rail. Try looking on,, and where ever else youcan think of, including Craig's list. That's about the only idea I can give you.


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