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CZ 75 B 75th CZUB Anniversary 1936-2011

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Thanks for the photos.

Howmuch for the 75th pistol?I think it is not the same 75th pistol sell in Asia and Afica?

                    Actually as near as I can tell there were two versions, an "Official" 75Th numbered and marked by Continent, as in Asia, N. America, Africa and so on. There is also a second 75th anniversary with Silver Eagles on the grips. I posted pics of both of them individually and together. The one in the Brief case looking case is the "Official" 75th I think and is marked xx of 75 and N. America. That one is going to be very hard to find for sale. The Second 75th Anniversary pistol with the Eagles and came in a Standard CZ case and box. Both I believe went for between $1200.00 and $1500.00 USD when they were first offered. I have seen at least 3 if not 4 of the 75th Anniversary pistol for sale on GunBroker and other auction sites. But not a single one of the Official one, not even a hint of one for sale.
                   Guns American has the Eagle one up for $1490.00 USD plus shipping apparently. And just to be clear, Yes these are the same pistols sold in Asia and Africa, and they are marked as such. I would love to have a complete set of them from all 6 Continents, but that is about as likely to happen as my winning both the Biggest Lotto and the Biggest Powder Ball prizes back to back.

Yes,I saw the 75th Eagle grip sold in GunsAmerica but never saw the other 75th version
(marked as xx of 75 North America,Asia etc.) it is very hard to find.Thank you.

                   I think it will be next to very very hard to fund.I won't say impossible but very close to it. Best of luck if you are trying to find one.


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