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CZ Custom Experience - my very fast trigger job.

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          This was done so well that I am making it a sticky so it sits at the top of the topic permenately, It's to good to lose as it scrolls down the topic list when new posts come in. Domo Powerpuff boy-san Domo arigatofor taking the time and effort to type all that out and so consciencly.

Powerpuff boy:
Dou Itashimashite (no problem!) Wow.  A sticky... you are making me blush :grin:   I am glad, though, I could make some contribution to this forum.   

Oh wow! I was wondering myself how to ship my sp 01 to get some work done and now I know. I'm debating now on if I want to ship it off or just order the parts and get a local gunsmith to do the work now.

Powerpuff boy:
CZ Custom does a very good job.  The trigger is very crisp and light.  (you may want to ask them to make it a bit heavier than 3.75lbs for the SA.   You realize it is very light, almost too light,  at the range.)

It costs you, though.   And one major cost factor is the shipping (in my case, more than $100).    (One idea.  If you know some FFL holder who can ship it on your behalf,  that may save you some money.  Just a thought.  I have not tried it)

So far, CZ Custom has worked on my 75B and  97B (I bought the 97B there - saving the major part of the shipping cost). But I did not send my CZ70 to them.  A local gunsmith worked on it because the gun is one of my "back-up" guns.

If the SP-01 is your "primary" gun (or one of them), it may be worth the expense.  Then you can judge the quality of their work (does that justify the cost?) and compare to a service you can acquire locally.

Have fun.

Glad this turned out well for you. I've had some experience with some of Angus' work recently, and I honestly can say it was top notch. When I got my SP-01, I wasn't able to afford to send it off for work at the custom shop.  :sad:  However, I did order the Comp trigger, and some springs from them and did the work myself. Ghostwarrior and I measured the trigger pull today at 8lbs DA and 4lbs SA. I need to get an adjustable trigger for it so the takeup isn't so long. I've just sort of trained myself to hold the trigger in after firing until I can feel the reset catch, and it runs faster than a sewing machine.


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