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My good friend and CHL instructor invited me along to a range class yesterday. By 7:30am we were making some noise at an indoor range. I had never qualified with my 75B so I took it to put it through the course. I had a box of 115gr RN FMJ that was getting old (at least 10 years old). No missfires with the ammo or problems with gun. It performed flawlessly and I do like the single action pull for the first shot. You start with an open slide and mag on the table. So when the instructor calls to load your weapon and you drop the slide (no, not by pressing the slide stop) your first shot is then from cocked single action.
I got my CHL back in the 90's in the first year Texas allowed concealed handgun carry. I remember those days well because every anti-gun advocate was proclaiming a massacre, what with all these gun nuts running around with loaded weapons. Remember how much noise Charles Schumer was making. In your face buddy. I guess we proved how responsible we can be.

Rodolfo Fierro:
Chuck Shumer has a perfect record on his predictions; He has never been right !

        Well at least he's consistant. How many Bureaucrats, Politicians, or self righteous advocates an you say that about? We could vote him in as pres, then what ever decision he makes, everyone just does the exact opposite. Can't be any worse than the last couple of Leaders. At least everyone will allready know he's wrong. Saves a lot of time and effort.


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