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Trade offer
« on: February 18, 2012, 04:06:29 PM »
 A friend of mine is interested in purchasing a rifle from me has offered his pre B cz 75 dated 1984 with the original box, manual, test target and 1 mag for a trade value of $500. I am in the market for a new Cz 75b and was debating should i take his offer and use this pistol or resell it to get a new cz 75b since i put a lot of rounds down range. basically wondering if its worth the $500 trade or not and would it serve me as well as a new pistol. My understanding is i would need to hunt down pre B mags which are expensive and this pistol has a minor damage but functions well. The blueing is a dark deep color and looks almost new barely any wear but the bottom back side on the magwell has a little damage where it was dropped or banged into something hard enough to  remove the finish at that one spot. This doesnt effect the guns functions as i have test fired it.

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Re: Trade offer
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2012, 06:03:47 PM »
Good afternoon,
In which state are you located? If you are in CA, I would be interested in buying the CZ 75, if it is still available. Many thanks


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Re: Trade offer
« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2012, 09:22:41 PM »
If this post is still current, I'd say probably look toward a newer one if you put a lot of rounds through it.  They are amazing guns and very accurate and reliable.  That being said the few minor parts you may have to replace after 10,000 or so rounds can be impossible to find.  Mags do come up for very reasonable prices.  If you are patient you can find them for $30-$40 which is comparable to new mags.  Some people will try to get as much as $75 for a single mag, but they are greedy and probably won't ever sell them for that much.  The Pre-Bs are some of the best pistols ever made.  I have had several of them.  But I rarely put more than several hundred rounds through them per year.  If you thousands of rounds a year through your pistols then stick with a newer one.

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Re: Trade offer
« Reply #3 on: February 29, 2012, 05:11:09 PM »
        Hi folks! Welcome to our Forum!
       Sorry about being tardy in answering but things have been weird trying to catch up a couple months backlog of paperwork. Anyway to answer your question, I need ask you a couple questions, What is the rifle he wants from you? How many rounds has he put through it? If it's in really decent shape as in the way you described it, personally depending on the number of rounds fired it's worth more than $500.00 USD, say somewhere between 600 and 700 USD, You have to take into account that it's a Pre-B from 1984, and he has everything that came with it. Well except for the extra mag. so deduct 50 to 75.00 for that. Your question about finding spare Mags is very good, and yes they are getting to be harder to find than a complete 75 Pre-B set. But you can still find them, even brand new factory issued one for about what Huddy mentioned. I have a CZ 75 Pre-B that I have had since the very early 80's and it's been my carry weapon for over 40 years. Just last year gave it to my daughter. NO idea how many rounds I have put through it but I don't think it was "thousands" but even so it saw a lot of range time, and I haven't had to replace a single thing. I have something like 13 or 14 different models of CZ's and backups for most of them, Cause I hate safe queens. If I buy one for the collection I really try very hard to find a second one to use as a carry weapon. Sometimes if they were used then I don't really bother looking for a replacement I just carry it.
         Back to the topic at hand. I think with everything his 75 is worth more than 500.00 against a trade for your rifle. So if he is thinking your rifle is worth more than his CZ and he's going to get a bargin it may well be the other way around. Depends on the rifle and how much you like(d) it. Anything bought and paid for is worth whatever the payer is willing to pay. I have seen some CZ's go for stupid prices, but I have to figure the person that bought it really wanted it and it was worth the asking price. Who knows? So just get an idea how many rounds it's fired over the years, add in how many rounds you are going to be firing do a quick blue book check of your rifles worth, add in buying at least 3 or 4 more mags, unless you REALLY like loading mags. and decide from there.
        Here's what I am talking about, at a gun show here in Florida I have seen NIB CZ 75 Pre-B's offered at $1000.00 USD and another NIB offered at $500.00 USD. (different times) Both sold on the same day the gun shows opened. So did the person that paid 500.00 for a NIB make out like a Bandit? Personally I would say oh ya. Did the guy that bought the NIB for a grand get ripped, I would say not really or at all.
       No idea if this is in time to be of any help to you, or it confused you big time. I hope it helps.
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