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ZKK602 in 358 Norma Mag


Anybody ever seen or know of an original ZKK602 in 358NM for sale .They must have been produced as my 8x68 ZKK602 has magazine box marked 358NM.

I suggest you ask the Scandinavian CZ agents and possibly national hunting organisations. It might have been a special run for moose hunters who wanted something different.

            Wow great picture! and I'm sorry but I really don't have an answer either. More than a few weapons sold in other parts of the world never got to the US. Oh actually you can email Alice at CZ-USA (Presdent of the company and a world famous Big Game hunter. SO is Jason for that mater and he runs the PR Department, So one of them may actually know. It couldn't hurt to write. Best wishes and Welcome to our Forum!


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