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My First Gun


This is my new Tactical  :cheesy:

new gun, bought it with a holster at Ghost Products INC. Mesa AZ
 this is what i shot the first time.

now keep in mind that i started shooting 2 months ago, so i think this is really good ha

all photos at:

Ha apparently i don't know how to post pictures on this website so just use the link.

Nice groups!  Just remember, if you are going to use that holster to carry, practice drawing and reholstering until your fingers bleed.  The extra retention is nice to keep the gun IN the holster, but if you ever need it in an emergency, it could cost you the split second you need.

i have been practicing alot but it sucks because I tore some soft tissue in my right wrist. so i have a big bulky brace to wear and its hard to draw. give it a couple of weeks and i will be back to normal.

             :laugh:     that's funny, I just got finished posting on the topic you had on finding one at CZ and asking you to keep us updated and then I clicked this one and you all ready had.  :laugh: Great looking pistol, nice groups. And I hope your wrist gets better really soon.     


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