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the new Adam Tyc cz 75 sp 01 shadow 333 limited

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Hi Sedrik

This is my baby #166 sorry for the bad photo more to come
We are 2 of the 333 family :grin: ? where is the rest ????
she look super cool and damn you shooooot good  :shocked:

TOT, thanks :) We have lots of Adam Tyc Limited here in the Philippines, #1 to #100 of 333. The gun it's just a pleasure to shoot, always puts a big smile on my face :) Enjoy and I know you will have a blast with it :)

       I'll post mine asap, I just have a lot of catching up to do. Been a bad couple months health and family wise and simply got behind. But all is well now, and I plan on catching up on all my plans in the best possible time.
       Sedrik, where did you get those Aluminum grips? I saw some listed on the CZUB webstore but no where else. and they really do a job on making your weapon look better than great. My pistol has Gold Aluminum grips with the word shadow embossed on them, and gold plated Slide release, Safety, Trigger and Magazine release, and hammer. It's numbered numbered 16 of 333. AN signed in gold as well the way yours is. It's about the only safe queen I have at the moment that I don't have a second one of that I can carry. Wish I did though.
        Question for you both: when you got your pistols was there a product serial number/bar coded stocking sticker directly on the Buffalo hide or was the leather case clean. The sticker I am talking about is the one you seen stuck on the end of the cardboard box the weapon would normally be shippen in.


Hi Ghost Warriorcongratulations on your 333. I am still waiting for my being Approved by the police so it takes a long time but when I have it, I'll send photo and info.

Thanks looking forward to see it.


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