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Please explain the sight differences

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OK, so what is the difference between the tactical and competition sights? From what I can tell is that in the tactical, the corners are cut to be angled and they don't quite look as tall..and the competitions are squared away and sit higher. Am I missing something here or is that it?

only the cut..Tactical is cut 30degrees on both sides.

Perfect, thank you

So can I make myself more "tactical" if I cut the corners off of my favorite hat?  :laugh:

Welcome to CZ Forum NodakCZ!

AS  a matter of fact, yes. If you take the corners off of anything, it would be more tactical.

On a side note, is there any benefit of either cut. From my experience, my Range Officer has adjustable competition sights, which are sharp as all hell in the corners. Is that where the tactical has "the edge"?  :grin: [size=78%] [/size]


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