Author Topic: Castle Doctrine, Duty to Retreat, and Other Important Defense Laws  (Read 6068 times)


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Hello Guys (and Gals)!
I recently brought a motivational speaker into my classroom to work with my at-risk kids. She is currently a mediator for divorces, but was (only months ago) a lawyer and full member of the Bar. I don't remember how we breached the topic, but she told me some things that not only sounded "funny" and went against my previous knowledge of my state's self defense laws, but they seemed counter to any sort of common sense at all.

Anyway, they led me to do some looking around. I found this Wikipedia page,
and while I wouldn't trust Wiki info on how I can defend myself with deadly force, I found that the Wiki page links directly to the state legislature's page (AND right to the code in question)!

Good stuff, and this lawyer was waayyyyy wrong. I've got the legislation on my side!  :cheesy:

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Re: Castle Doctrine, Duty to Retreat, and Other Important Defense Laws
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You'd be surprised at how many lawyers AND judges DON'T know the law.

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Re: Castle Doctrine, Duty to Retreat, and Other Important Defense Laws
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            Not to mention the LEO's themselves. Back in the day, one of the classes we had to take at the academy was on law and how and where to look something up. And which law applied to each and every 10 code or any other code we had to use in the course of our daily duties. We had to know each law  and every degree of how badly it was broken to charge the person properly. Not only that, but we were personally responsible for getting the charges correct and in the correct order. Even if someone higher up the totem pole told us what the charge was we took the heat if it was wrong. Big surprise there. For that matter we had to take writing classes so that the reports could be read by anyone other than ourselves. lol. Honest to goodness, even back then you would be surprised at how badly some officers wrote, and forget spelling. I could write plainly, but I carried a dictionary around so I could spell everything correctly.

       I sure as heck wish they had computers and word processors with spell check back them. Would have save a ton of time, effort and grief. ONLY thing I envy todays LEO's for
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