Author Topic: CZ 527 Lux and BSA Contender Scope issues  (Read 3057 times)

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CZ 527 Lux and BSA Contender Scope issues
« on: September 17, 2011, 10:13:47 AM »
 I got this today and I am posting this mesg in two different boards since anyone, that has an (answer or fix) in any of them could possible answer the question, and because his question does qualify to be in any or all these boards, So instead of making him cut and paste this question 2 times, I figure I would just knock it out for him so he can get his answer hopefully quicker and get to using his new toys.

Quote from: duncan on September 16, 2011, 09:43:42 PM<blockquote>Recently purchased a 527 Lux (223) with CZ rings.  Also purchased a BSA Contender scope 6x24.  When the scope is mounted the bolt will not retract all the way.  Where do I go for ideas, solutions, help?  Thanks

          This is.was my reply, and I am confident that someone can help him other than my self. Also duncan although a pm is not the generally way to start a question off I can understand the how and why so it's all good this time. I am sure you will make some new friends here and we have great folks that know a bunch about firearms in general and CZ's in particular

         "I'm not much in the way of a long gunner, I own them, and sometime shoot them at the range, but my deal is Small arms and tactics. I would,if  I were you, post this question, on the Ye Olde Gunsmith Board and CZ & BRNO Rifles (new topic line)  Actually I'll save you the time and do that for you."
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Re: CZ 527 Lux and BSA Contender Scope issues
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2011, 08:33:31 PM »
Given that no screws are involved, I would suggest the following:
1. Place the rifle on a bench, left side down OR horizontally in a firearm cleaning cradle.
2. Illuminate the area by opening curtains or turning on multiple light sources. You need good even lighting.
3. Hold the rifle in place with your left hand and pull the bolt back carefully, applying different amounts of side pressure until you locate all points of obstruction.
NB It is one thing to know that the scope is obstructing the bolt, but quite another to accurately determine the necessary clearance, given that you are dealing with two dark coloured items. If you wrap some masking tape around the bolt handle, you should be able to satisfactorily interpret the resultant scuff marks. The coloured stuff that professional house painters use is the most convenient product. Shims inside the scope rings are useful when the bolt handle makes occasional touches but I suspect that you will probably need taller rings to work with that scope.
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