Author Topic: Using 5.56x45 on CZ 527 rifles chambered in 223  (Read 3457 times)

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Using 5.56x45 on CZ 527 rifles chambered in 223
« on: July 10, 2021, 05:27:16 PM »
Can 5.56x45 ammo be used routinely and safely in CZ 527 rifles chambered for 223?
I know CZ comply with CIP standards, which specify the same max pressure for 223 as for 5.56 and this used to be answered very clearly in the CZ-USA FAQs.But recently they changed to say that using 5.56 in a CZ 223 rifle voids the warranty if in a CIP country, but OK in the US:

Q: “Can CZ rifles chambered in .223 fire 5.56 ammunition safely?” A: FOR US BASED CUSTOMERS- All of our .223s will happily eat 5.56. Since our factory is in Europe, we build everything to CIP spec, which doesn’t differentiate between the two cartridges and just has the higher pressure as its standard. So the CZ .223s will shoot everything from the cheapest Russian steel to match .223 brass ammo.

If you are in a CIP country this will void your warranty.
Does anyone understand what this means?