Author Topic: Newer P07s Under-Sprung?- Fix  (Read 70 times)

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Newer P07s Under-Sprung?- Fix
« on: March 22, 2020, 07:16:20 AM »
Hello fellow CZ bros. I had picked up a P07 New produced in 2017 and during my initial break in of 500 rounds before adding any CGW mods(ALL) had a big issue.
Self defense range with most pistols was never a problem getting 2-3 groups @10 Yards. So Im not good but very capable.

I had a friend who had the original duty model which made me pick up the 07 and join the brotherhood. I fell in love with how well it shot and loved the way they re-vamped the newer model. 
I know it had a reputation for being over-sprung. I prefer my pistols in that direction as I shoot +p loads and prefer it this way regardless as long as it doesnt short stroke.

It was shooting like crap. Hitting 4-6 below POA constantly.
I noticed my brass was ejecting on average 12 feet away. Sometimes further. I Tried everything!

What I soon discovered is nobody could give me the #of the recoil spring. Not CZUSA That claimed anywhere from #15 or #16 or even the awesome Gunsmith at Cajun which at least had a good explanation as to why them not knowing this can happen. They kick ass btw.

Ive seen a few people say that they were told it was a #13 recoil spring. Which sounds crazy but finally made sense at least in my case.
I got the Cajun Gun Works stainless guide rod and the #15 and #18 recoil spring and Problem solved. Decided to keep in the #18. My ejection went to about 7. Or Half of what it was.  Fell in love putting another 300 rounds and then adding everything else CGW.

Just thought Id share and see if anyone else has had this issue.