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What is this?
« on: March 07, 2020, 06:55:32 PM »
I have been doing a little research on the debacle a few years ago with the Scorpion and the welded “world legal” models being sold in the US.  One thing that particularly caught my attention was this:

In that post, the OP was talking about the changes in the new “World Legal” models and one of the changes he highlighted was the receiver having a blocking bar and the bolt having a corresponding notch cut out to fit around it.

I was just taking a close look at my brand new, made less than a month ago, Scorpion S1 and noticed that my bolt seems to have the same notch, and looking inside my receiver I see what appears to be a block, here is a picture, it’s the square thing I’m pointing at:

I thought this whole neutered world guns ending up in the US thing had been cleared up a few years ago?  So why am I seeing a world gun in the US in 2020?  Or am I looking at it completely wrong?

I am very, VERY, political when it comes to guns, we have enough trouble with our own communist gun grabbers in the US without having to cater to foreign ones too.  So the idea of modifications being done to my gun, here in the US, just to make some bed wetting communist tin horn moron in the EU or wherever in the world these modifications were made to comply with INFURIATES me greatly and frankly has me considering selling the thing and scouring gun broker for a non pussified gen 1.  Yes I am aware that the changes do not hinder function but it is the IDEA of them that angers me.  I hate liberals and I hate gun grabbers (same thing) and the idea of there slimy dictatorial communist filth being in my gun disgusts me.  It’s bad enough I have to settle for an S1 instead of the A1 due to communist anti gun horseshit, I’ll be damned if I will put up with any that is not strictly legally necessary.

So my question is:  Assuming I am interpreting what I am seeing correctly, would it harm anything if I ground out that receiver block?  Is there anywhere I can order an un notched gen 1 bolt and will it otherwise fit in a gen 2 upper?

FYI I checked, I do not see anything that looks like welding in my lower.