Author Topic: cajun trigger installed in P07 urban gray model.  (Read 52 times)

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cajun trigger installed in P07 urban gray model.
« on: October 10, 2018, 10:38:24 PM »
New to the CZ forum. I Just bought this used CZ p07 urban gray model from a friend who installed the Cajun pro carry package along with the cajun over travel trigger. at the range and all is working fine up to around 150 rds in both single action and double action, then all of a sudden when trying to fire in double action only the trigger traveled all the way back to the rear of the trigger guard but won't the hammer won't release unless I squeezed the hell out of the trigger... this happen when I would pull the trigger slowly. there seems to be a little excessive trigger movement when i move the trigger side to side. or maybe  the over travel screw might be the problem or the trigger pin, any suggestions?