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« on: March 09, 2018, 07:23:28 PM »
Decided to join the group after purchasing my first CZ. After saving a number of pennies and looking at this particular pistol for a long time I finally made the purchase of a CZ Custom Shop Accu Shadow 2 with Accu Barrel. Had the metal grips replaced with wood and asked for SAO instead of the normal DA/SA setup. The fit, and finish is nothing short of amazing, tried to take the pistol apart and found the barrel bushing to be REALLY tight. Was concerned about me doing something wrong in taking the bushing off was told to just "wiggle it" until it loosened up. Finally got it off, the interior of the pistol is as beautiful to look at as the exterior. Has all the hallmarks of being a "shooter"!! Passed up a P-210 to get this one and I think it was a wise move. Hello to all, it is worth saving pennies, dimes and dollars!!!

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Re: Hello
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Welcome from Lower Alabama. Nice choice on your new CZ and be sure to give a range report.