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« on: January 19, 2018, 11:15:04 PM »
Hello everyone.  Iím from central Pennsylvania and am new to this forum...member of many others and definitely not new to shooting.  I thought I would join here because yesterday was a game changer...I was able to handle a CZ 75 P-01 and what a pleasant surprise.  It wasnít even on my radar, as I have been looking for a true multitasker.  I want a handgun that I can use for home defense, have fun at the range but also not be enormous to carry concealed (with the right clothing and time of year).

I started off many years ago with an Interarms Star Firestar in 9mm.  I was young, untrained and it was the early 2000ís and there werenít the holster options there are now.  I had that for a while and then it got replaced by a Glock 27 that I really started to learn better shooting practices with and shot it well, but never loved it.  I got a Beretta Nano and a SIG P938 and still wasnít satisfied.  I bought and sold for quite a while until I became relatively satisfied with a Walther PPS M2 in 9mm.  I put a set of Truglo TFX pro fiber optic/tritium sight on it and can punch out the center of a target at normal defensive distances.  I also have a little Ruger LCP2 for those hot summer days when I can be bothered to carry anything heavier or larger.  It has a Techna Clip on it making carrying it a breeze, even in mesh shorts.

Iíve been looking at, trying to find and handle and shoot all of the guns you would suspect one to look at for my aforementioned requirements...but Iíve been having the same problem that I felt with my love.  That was until the P-01.  Ive heard people talk a lot about CZís and guns that fit like a glove, but Iíve personally never experienced that until now.  I didnít buy it...mostly because I donít impulsively buy things before researching them on my own and making sure there isnít a trend of failures or ownership regrets.  Much to my surprise the torture test this gun had to go through to even exist as it is today.

A few things I would like to ask the experts here...the shop had it priced at $576, is that a fair price?

I would like to mount a light to the rail for the home defense part...what is a good quality light thatís controls are able to be used one handed that doesnít look completely ridiculous on the P-01?  I looked up some pics with the Surefire XC300 and Steamlight TLR, but they look so out of place on it.  I saw the small Surefire XC1, but I remember a less than stellar review that I once saw of it online.

Thanks in advance for any responses/advice/recommendations.


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Re: New member
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2018, 06:28:17 AM »
That is about the average price for that gun. Gunbroker has a few in the $550 range. Not a lot of CZs out there so if it is what you want buy it. You won't be disappointed. And Welcome.