Author Topic: CZ 712 Target kicked butt today  (Read 1239 times)

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CZ 712 Target kicked butt today
« on: July 24, 2016, 07:52:37 PM »
Had posted on the other CZ forum... Not sure if it's dead for the most part but didn't get any responses. Long story short. Went ahead and pulled trigger on 712 Target purchase. Had buyer's remorse before I shot it and had kind of wished I would have just bought another PCR. Wasn't sure about quality as there's not much info out there about them other than a few reviews. But figured if it was a turd I'd trade it off and take my beating. After picking it up, completely disassembled everything and cleaned the snot out of it. Everything was tight from the factory.. REALLY TIGHT! Rem oil'ed everything back together and broke it in today. I was pleasantly impressed. No jams and ran as good as my Remington 1100, 870 and Mossburg 930 JM. Very little recoil with target loads. Needs an aftermarket recoil pad. Not much there if you're shooting all day. Ate the cheap Federal and Estate stuff no problem. Aims great! Devastated the clays I hit with it! Will have to increase the capacity for my needs but that seems easy enough. The wood is very light in weight. Don't know if it will last longterm but then again, I don't know squat about Turkish woods.

I can't speak about the future or if it will still shoot this good years from now but so far, I think it's a keeper. Would love to hear from others that run a 712 platform. I have a feeling people don't clean them when they get them and have problems. The same was true with my Mossy 930 just in case anyone has had or heard of bad experiences with them. I'm not exaggerating about the 712 being tighter than a drum from the factory. Bolt would hang up and wouldn't lock back out of battery. I had read the triggers very heavy and gritty. But again, took the entire assembly out, blew out the factory crud and soaked trigger assembly in Rem oil. Very nice trigger in my opinion for skeet/trap. Magwell and lifter is very good and doesn't pinch fingers like my 930 does. I'm sure it will only get better with more use.

This is just a quickie observation/review of what I believe to be a pretty good auto loader for the money. Hope it helps someone. I do wish I could find some aftermarket sources for this little gem. If anyone knows of any, please let me know. I'll post occasionally on this puppy overtime and if it has faults, I'll probably find them.