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« on: September 09, 2014, 07:18:49 AM »
Post any links you have to drills that you think might help other shooters improve their skills for defensive and competition shooting. Please keep it clean and professional.


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Re: Drills
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Thanks for adding the new forums …I’ll fire one up:

If shooting at the indoor range, you have two target hangers/clips. Put one target in each and move to your desired practice distance.

Shoot one round at target 1 then quickly move to target 2 and fire at it. Keep moving back & forth from one target to the other firing only one round at each target at a time.

Start slower but the goal is to train yourself to more quickly acquire the new sight picture from target to target, while also maintaining site alignment.

Don’t fuss about absolute accuracy on this, you’re just working for the balance of speed and “combat accuracy”
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Re: Drills
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check out jerry miculek's  YouTube videos..lots of good stuff.
Plus, he's just plain entertaining to watch.