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Tristar C100 380ACP Clone
« on: August 12, 2015, 08:18:29 PM »
Hi. I have a Tristar C100 chambered in 380ACP

It ran like a top with no stoppages whatsoever for the first 300-400 rounds with steel cased FMJ, brass cased FMJ, brass cased FN, and several different kinds of hollowpoints.

Now it won't get
 through a magazine without atleast several jams like this:

Tristar was very prompt about sending two replacement magazine springs free of charge.

The gun has been cleaned, well oiled, mag springs installed correctly, and the magazines seated firmly to no avail.

No new magazines are available AFAIK since Tristar has not imported the C100 in 380ACP in several years.

The feed ramp is very smooth but if you see it looks like as if possibly the neck of casings have been catching just below it. Maybe that's just from assembly/dissassembly for cleaning but I'm not sure.

I was wondering if anybody has had any similar experiences with their C100. 
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