Author Topic: Another Year, Another Memorial Day  (Read 7508 times)

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Another Year, Another Memorial Day
« on: May 23, 2015, 03:01:00 PM »
It's Memorial Day weekend again, and on this once a year event everyone gets out and goes the distance to celebrate what our Military Personal from the beginning of your Country's founding up until today. And we do the same to a lessor degree, on Veterans Day, the 4th of July. Flag day both publicly and privately throughout our Great Nation. So ok that's grand for a day or 3 our military and LEO's, First Responders, Fire Personal get recognition for al that they sacrifice to stand in Harm's Way and try to save us from ourselves.

Then the holiday is over and we go back to doing what ever it is we do. All the people that stand in Harm's way for us, go back on the shelf and taken for granted until the next time they get us a holiday. The thing is, THEY never stopped protecting us even while we have fun and party, they were out patrolling hostile territory (and I mean as in both here in America And the World) no fancy meals no kicking back with a tasty beverage but standing vigilant, never saying Fu**it! they don't care about us why should we care about them? Why do we leave our families behind not to be there when they get sick, or hurt, miss all sorts of things they could be doing with their families, Birthdays, Christmas, whatever Religious day they observe. Hell on some bases they don't even get to go to whatever place they worship because our Government is so bent on trying to Lemon Aid out of Lemons they forbid any sort of public worship or even tasty beverages on our OWN bases for fear of "Offending the native population" The same native population that's is doing their utmost to drive us out, they hate us and we apologize? W! T! F! ????

You know what our Service people come home to? Let me count the ways: a Medical system (I'm talking about our alleged VA, which stands for Veterans Affairs,)  that is so broken that they can't even get into one of the VA Clinics and Hospitals! And if the do get into one, it's and even bet that their care will be so substandard that they are worse off  then before they went in! It's true! you can't make this crape up! Bethesda Hospital which is Supposed to be the Flagship of the VA Medical Services (It's where our Presidents go when they are sick/hurt whatever) has been condemned at least once you can read about it here:, You can check the Washington Post also other publications. Sorry of track there for a min. So we left off at BAD< BAD Medical care, pay so low that something in the neighborhood or 1/4 to 1/3 of our Service personal are on at the least food stamps! More times than not they have no job to go back to, Despite the laws protecting their jobs. (Won't go there, you can though) My point here is (yes I have a point) is that if WE Really cared about our Service Personal WE would make such a stink that our alleged government would HAVE to fix the entire VA System WE would force that same alleged government to pay our Military not just a 'Living" wage but one that would encourage people to stay IN the Service instead of leaving ASAP. For that matter we nee to do the same for our Firefighters, Police, First Responders. Od course that would actually take some effort on EVERYONES part and confidence is High that ain't going to happen. Instead we will eat our BBQ food while our people dire protecting us, drink our Tasty beverages while others are being treated like dirt by the VA system, shake our collective heads and continue to let Congress Waste OUR money, with better medical care than 99.9% of the populations gets, Go on worthless trips so they can "Unwind" or "Conduct business" at OUR expense, Take more vacations then most of the people in Europe get (Trust me that's about twice what US people get vacation wise) Again on OUR nickel. Eat up folks, I pretty much guarantee that EVERY last member of our government voted in or hired is kicking back eating, drinking and laughing at the rest of use telling them get away with it.
 Happy Memorial Day
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Welcome Home every Veteran and active Service personnel and Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sacrifice

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Re: Another Year, Another Memorial Day
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2015, 04:22:22 PM »
Hopefully a few folks will let their elected representatives how they feel.  Politicians shouldn't be let off the hook with excuses like "We allocated money to fix that".  They need to make effective legislation that fixes problems.
Another thing that needs fixing is military retirement.  Military personnel that leave before 20 years get NOTHING.  They should be compensated just like civilian retirement plans.  We at least owe them that much.