Author Topic: 452 American 17HMR LH is there a parts list of what is unique to the LH gun  (Read 951 times)


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I'm trying to find a good parts list for the parts that are unique to the left hand guns so I don't order the wrong things. Looking for info on barrels, threaded barrels, magazines, scope mounts, etc. Thanks for the Forum!

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Welcome to our forum!! I'm no expert when it comes to left handed anything.... :grin: but I believe there should be no difference in the parts you asked about between a RH and LH rifle...the barrel, mags, scope rings and such should be universal as the receiver would be the only part that is different, bolt throw, safeties, etc....I'm sure if I'm wrong people will jump in to correct me....Anyways, thats a great question and we look forward to talking with you more...

Again, welcome to our forum!!
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