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527 bolt
« on: January 25, 2014, 02:17:18 AM »
1st, please don't criticize. Yes I am bad. I am ROUGH on my guns.  All of them. Can't help it. I climb trees and rock with my rifles flung over my back. They bang around as I run through the woods and through the swap and over  the stream and under the trees. I get it, I AM BAD girl. But that is me. For the most part, my 527s handle my ways and all is well. This week, however; an issue occurred. I get to the top of a peak where the world is mine and no one, but God and I know what is what. I pull my 12 year CZ 527 in .223 from my shoulder and I decide to empty two magazines in record time. Shot 7, the bolt handle comes off in my hand. Really, WTH????? What if this was an emergency. I take out my iPad and YouTube has a video and the bolt is back together. I get home and realize my carbine in 7.62 has the same bolt. I inventory my other rifles and the 527 is the ONLY gun(s) I own where the bolt handle comes off. So.. I want an upgrade bolt. Suggestions on where I can a better bolt replacement?
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Re: 527 bolt
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2014, 04:47:30 PM »
No suggestions re. alternate bolt BUT I assert that you should either take both rifles to a gunsmith for ease of diagnosis (through comparison) OR contact the agent and arrange for the agent to sort the matter. We tend to use our rifles pretty hard around here but I can only recall one local problem with a CZ527 bolt handle and none with Brno Fox or Brno ZKW465 bolt handles. Given that I ran a local range for 14 years, am edging back into shoot management at the moment and am on excellent to good terms with most of the retailers and firearms importers in our metropolitan area, I would say that I have a fairly good network of supplier/user informants.
Hope you get it sorted quickly!
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