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CZ75 with no import marking
« on: May 23, 2011, 09:48:49 AM »
       I thought I would post this here besides in the buy sell trade because I find it really intresting. So I figured it may be of use to anyone with a similar things.

       First thing the member has a CZ 75 preban made in 1984 that he wanted to sell. However in his description he mentioned the only thing he could see that even vaguely looked like and import mark of any kind was the word AKAH stamped under the actual barrel and it came from an estate sale. It also had a rampent Lion or Dragon over a capital N as the only other markings. 
     This is what we found out:
 Is this what the Lion looks like? (Please check the Buy Sell Tade bosrd for the picture, for some reason I can't get it paste here, sorry for the inconvience) if so it's part of the Coat of Arms for the Czech Republic, The N may be a proof mark, and I found out the AKAH is the name of one of Germaine's Biggest weapons wholesalers back in it's day. Here's the link to the companies web page info: So I'm guessing here that the weapon was made in Czech, sold or sent to the German Police, the N is a proof mark, the lion is the Czech royal Lion, and I am also guessing it came to the US by way of a private or military person other wise it would have some form of Import markings on it like I said the other day. Hope this helps you out. Certainly is an unusual CZ and one would thing it would be worth more to someone but then it may simply be one of many It really is pretty to know something of it's history and travels around the world. Just do not get your hopes up about the price, Everything I found out is from the net and doesn't mean it's rare. Wish I could own it though, have fun and enjoy the weapon, I have carried one for 40 years.
        I know it's not earth shattering but in the intrest of furthering education I thought it was cool and a fun thing to research. As near as I can tell his weapon comes under the Unique heading at least here in the States. Hope somebody find this helpfull.
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