Author Topic: Links to Various State Laws and ongoing legisalation  (Read 4863 times)

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Links to Various State Laws and ongoing legisalation
« on: April 04, 2013, 06:23:35 PM »
                This list which we will be posting are to the best of our knowledge the latest information on assorted Firearms laws across the country, and the leading States in Stupid Laws will be posted here first. Hopefully we can post links to groups that are fighting for our way of Life and Liberties, LEGALLY, so anyone can offer to help if they can and want to. If you have a link send it to me and I'll look it over and post it if I think it's fighting the good fight. We make no guaranties we have the latest information or even all the correct information, but what we have we think is up to date and now it's time for you to decide whether to use the information or not.
            First up is the all-time winner of the Stupid Laws Award and the Darwin Award for the most consecutive years in a row is everyone's favorite State Kalifornika (oops, sorry, I meant California)

                Followed closely by the latest State to adopt insane, impractical, and pretty much unenforceable firearms laws, the State the Constitution was Written and then forgotten about, our dear friends Connecticut! Letís hear a big round of Bronx cheers for our friends up north.

              I believe that the folks in Colorado are slipping into the abyss of stupid also, but I don't know for sure, nor where to find a legitimate link to the proposed new laws. If anyone has a good link then please let us know and we'll post it/them.
             Folks we are being hit on all sides by the knee jerk (emphasis on Jerk) Liberals and politicos that want nothing more than to get re-elected, no matter the price it puts on the average citizen. Once again we have the minority telling everyone what to do, and we are yet again letting them, will it NEVER Stop?!?! How long are we the People going to let these so called intellectuals and hates dictate how we live? First we have the Various Government Agencies loading up on ammunition like never before, making it harder and harder to find ammunition at all in the retail private sector. Now they are working on scare tactics feeding off the killing of innocents. Those deaths could have and should have been prevented, but they weren't because those very same politicians that are trying to take away firearms are the same kind politicos that wrote the laws so the criminals could get back on the streets to do these Horrible atrocities.
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