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« on: February 28, 2011, 12:17:22 PM »
      I only really know about the NRA, I have seen folks in other places and forums speak about other groups. I have NO experience with any of these groups listed other than the NRA, I am not endorsing ANY of the groups listed, I may well be a member of at least one but by no means am I asking nor suggesting that you join ANY group! You do that by your own choice. If the Group you look into has something news worthy then send it to me, I'll look it over and post it if there are permissions to do so from the author and or Organization it was posted in/with.
       Keep in mind that without these groups maintaining a wall between us, the Citizens or if you will the "Common man/woman" and the Government and Liberals, We would probably not even have forums or web sites or the freedoms Guaranteed under the 2nd Amendment.

     They deserve recognition at the very least, whether you decide to take up their Banner is your choice and your right, but it is YOUR'S to make.
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