Author Topic: Bedding on CZ455 ... OK just 1" around pillars or bed the entire action?  (Read 783 times)

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Just purchased my first rifle.. .CZ 455 Varmint

Pls I have a question bedding....How extensive does it have to be ?    I watched every YouTube I could find on it .... Some bed  just 1" around alum pillars or some bed the entire action?

Seems like the 455 does not see a the same recoil forces as say a 700...  Is bedding the whole action adding value on CZ455

Is the consensus that adding aluminum pillars and bedding about 1" around them is sufficient?

Is it really worth the effort to bed the entire action in addition to adding bedded pillars & bed about 1" around pillars?

Looking for recommendations

All advice welcome 

[/size][size=78%]Thank you[/size]
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