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Title: CZ 457 Pro Varmint or Varmint MTR?
Post by: nexgen91 on May 09, 2019, 04:50:50 PM
Hi, new to the forum and not a competition shooter, just like to go to the range when I can. My experience is mostly with Savage center fires and C&R guns (mausers, K31, mosi,n, etc), but I want to up my 22 LR game (I also have two 11 year olds I want to get back to the range), and a lot of what I am reading says CZ is one of the best ways to go. I am considering the Pro Varmint and Varmint MTR as I like their stocks over a more traditional stock (one of my Savages has a similar stock). I have searched the forums but can not find a definitive comparison or pros/cons list between the Pro Varmint and Varmint MTR, probably because the Pro Varmint is so new, which makes me wonder how it compares to the Tacticool. Anyone have any input, is the MTR worth the additional cost/loss of threaded muzzle (not sure I will ever put a can on it, though having the option in case I decide to would be convenient). I do not plan on competing, but I want the best accuracy per $ that I can get under $650 (assuming I could get MTR for that out the door). I am seeing about a $140 difference in price between the two, what does the MTR have that the PV doesnt besides the match chamber and pretty wood? Is it worth the cost difference? Any input would be appreciated.