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Title: Bonehead Move - CZ-512
Post by: joecbr on July 02, 2018, 12:49:11 PM
Not wanting to dry fire my 512, and not wanting to leave it cocked for extended periods, I decided to drop a spent 22LR case into the chamber, close the bolt, and pull the trigger.  Guess what? After doing that the bolt would not retract. I wrestled with it, nothing.  It would not budge.  I took out the take-down pin and the bolt still would not budge.  Then I started thinking, a new concept. Maybe the back pressure when you fire a live cartridge releases something allowing the bolt to retract.  I slid in a cleaning rod and applied pressure to the case ... and.... it released the bolt!  Thought I was going to have to send it in for service.

Never do that again.   :embarrassed: