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Title: Dani Bryan Rising Star in Female competition
Post by: GhostWarrior on October 07, 2013, 09:21:57 PM
I want everyone to meet Dani Bryan: she is newly sponsored by CZ on the competition circuit, she is also the owner and a trainer of Diamond Defense, LLC in Indiana. Among other things.
Here are some links regarding her.:
Dani Bryan ( are some links to stuff about me but I can't find tat media release! Here's a podcast I appeared on...Shooters Mindset episode 9 (

Here's an article on one of my sponsors I wrote for (

And here's my bio on (  I asked her to send them to me so I could post them, so that's why they all lead off with here's some links or here is an article.
I did a cut and paste for everything here, no editing, so when, or if she says anything regarding other firearms besides CZ's she won't be the only, let alone the first member here to have done so.