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What Mags fit in which CZ
« on: July 29, 2011, 11:00:56 AM »
         I got out 13 of my pistols, each a different model and as many magazines as I could get to easily and di a test where I tried every single mag in every single pistol, and this is what I got.

As you can see this is more than 13 pistols. I actually got one of everything in small arms I have that isn't NIB and laid them out all together. I did that because even though they weren't really part of the test I thought I would see if any of the other caliber mags for the other pistols were interchangble. They weren't, big suprise there. But I figure why not know for sure?

There are about 80 Magazines here all in different capacites, and from different Manufacturers. Some are Factory, some are OME but Factory designed/made?, some are Meg-Gar, and some have no markings at all so there is no telling where and when I got them. Oh and I forgot to change the 20 rnd sign to 26 rnd which is what they actually are. Sorry.

Notes on the tests: 
Notes for Magazine to Pistol List:
1)      I had two types of 10 rnd Magazines. 4 of which had two Rnd extenders. The extenders did not hold any rounds; they were simply there so the ten round mags would fit into mag wells for anything other than what I presume is a RAMI. I have 4 Mags that are 10 rounds only without the extenders and they donít fit ANY weapon I own. I did own a RAMI, until I gave it as a gift, and apparently I had these mags and forgot to send them along with the pistol and other mags. And no, they did not fit the CZ 83 I have one and tried. So yes the 10 round mags with extenders fit and locked just fine. I just thought it was important to point the difference and reasons for my see notes.

2)      The 14 rnd mags were just weird. They fit into every single Pistol I tried but with few exceptions they failed to lock in place. And the ones that did lock into place were different for each one they worked with I only had the 5 and you can (I hope) see which pistol locked none of the mags and which ones only 1 to 4 of the 5 mags.

3)      As you can see with the first 3 CZ 75 Pre-Bís they were all different years or imported or brought in. And even then they failed to conform the same way with the same mags. Also, after you get past the 3 Pre-B models you can see minor differences between all the other model pistols which I presume are CZ 75 B models or of that type. I also want to mention that even though all the mags that fit and locked into place, they did not all go in smoothly. Some I have to wiggle, some went a smidge tight when inserted but after the first inch or so they went in fine and released fine. And speaking of the release, on some of the pistols I had to use extra, as in more than should ever be necessary, force to push them down to release the mag.

4)      On the 26 rnd mags you will see they fit every model just fine and released fine also, but if you noticed, the 26 rnd mag is listed as not fitting the Limited Edition Tactical two tone and the SP-01, that is because both those weapons have lanyard rings on the bottom of the grip, and they will not let the mags seat because of the rubber cosmetic extenders hit the lanyard ring and wonít go past it. So technically they are marked as not working with those two pistols. The fix would be to notch out the Rubber covers so the lanyard ring doesnít interfere and then they will work just fine in those weapons. Personally Iím not sure I would cut the notch, since I am on rather the old side to be in war zones where I need that many rounds. Also they will fit on the Compacts and I presume any other pistol with lanyard rings and with slightly shorter grips than a full size weapon, because on those there is a small gap between the top of the rubber grip and the bottom of the grip.

So thatís that regarding what mags will fit Pre-B and B model pistols. Basically it boils down to a few words: If the mag isnít Factory or you had the mag well worked on, then itís probably not a good idea to try anything else in a Pre-B model. B models appear to eat any mag you give it. And not all mags, no matter who made them will fit every pistol. There is no easy fix to this question, but I hope that what I have done helps folks and possibly makes their lives easier for not having to buy and then return mags.
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Re: What Mags fit in which CZ
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2020, 06:09:31 PM »
Interesting and a segue to my question, confusion.  What is it with the SP01 and Mecgar mags?  Actually same thing happens if use an extended slide stop like that on the SP01 in my 75 B?  If I put OEM slide stop in SP01, it likes every kind of mag.  But then is not the extended slide stop.  I have some stock CZ mags that I am pretty sure are made by MecGar and they are fine with the extended and the regular slide stop.   I have some additional OEM slide stops coming and the state of WA may try to enforce use of 10 or 15 round mags which likely means I get stock CZ and put extended slide stop on both pistols.  Seems an odd thing and I have read older stock style slide stop gets hammered by 9mm butters and they break.  The slide stop that is.

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Re: What Mags fit in which CZ
« Reply #2 on: March 14, 2020, 05:15:40 AM »
This is my first post into this forum. Hi!
The original post from  GhostWarrior is an Interesting thus old post about magazines.

What I am searching is a list of all pistol models (cz brand) that will:

- Be able to use and operate normally with 16 or 18 or 19 (mecgar) or 26rd cz magazines. If only operates well, then doesn't matter if small extra space is inside or only little too tight.
- fit in Kidonô, Modular Pistol Conversion Kit System K3:  (that is for cz 75).
-> So pistols should have those rails outside, under the bore.

The easy answers are 75:  SP-01 and Shadow 1. But how about the others? Polymer frame pistols, for example P-07, P-09..?

If only some years/models do fit these requiremets, what are they?
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