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Fight Internet Censorship!
« on: November 17, 2011, 02:43:54 AM »
I would like to ask everyone to please read this and send the letter.
I can remember not being able to access most gun related websites around a decade ago because my ISP was antigun and with a law like this passing there would be nothing stopping the gov from blocking gun forums(lots of articles relating to guns and 2nd amendment are posted all the time...)
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Re: Fight Internet Censorship!
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2011, 04:03:09 PM »
                  If this passes. then "1984" becomes real life, and the fact I just typed the name of that book would be illegal. Oh and you can forget about the 1st Amendment. 2nd Amendment, the 5th Amendment, and I think a couple others. Because this law will impact every one of them in a very real and dangerous way. Actually it would be the start the Anti-Abortionist fanatics need to overturn Roe vs. Wade.

               And you could very soon thereafter, the right to Freedom of Religion. Any music, or direct quotes from any religious text could be banned except for the ones the people controlling this believe in. Think about it, if you have signed up with a company that reports on when and where a Pedophile has moved into your neighborhood you would no longer get that information. You couldn't send videos of your kids first recital, or baptism or weddings if you had any of them professionally produced.

               Hitler started out with less than this and he damn near destroyed the world. Lenin, Tito, Mao. all the same. This is simply a much bigger and faster way to control the citizens. Actually I think ESPN, MSNBC, and every other provider of news and sports would have to go off the air because they would be transmitting subject matter that cost way more than 2500.00 to produce. They could not even relay anything from any other news or sports service. Then you can add in Home schooling will be next to impossible to accomplish, but Encyclopedias would return. Online classes would pretty much have to stop since most of that is transmitting copyrighted material that may or may not be controversial, at least to the people controlling the internet.

             Is this one of my infamous knee jerk reactions to bullies? Maybe, that's up to you to decide. Am I making a mountain out of a mole hill? It's possible, but can anyone tell me the last time anything to do with the government's ability to shut down what it doesn't like, was overturned or struck down? Or more to the point when has the government passed up a chance to meddle in the peoples affairs and then not try to abuse that? Sure lots of times things have gone to court and supposedly the people won, but in reality the laws weren't actually struck down they simply got modified or slightly edited to make the courts happy, then proceeded to start right back to what they were doing.

            The last time I looked I read the words "WE the People" NOT "We the Government". I am not even vaguely suggesting that we should do anything illegal in any size, shape, or form to correct this. We have everything we need already. What might that be? Voting, voting, and more voting. Find someone you believe in and campaign for them yes we want to spend time with our family and friends, I'm only saying spend a couple hours a month or a week or whatever. Because if we don't start caring again we aren't going to have the time to spend with our families, and friends or simply having fun. We will be too busy making sure we haven't broken any laws.

        We have become apathetic about government and most are convinced that their vote means nothing, so they don't vote, so they prove themselves correct by default, their vote didn't count, because they DID NOT CAST IT! We simply have started expecting our Government to lie to us, to steal from us. And apparently we don't even care they do it. Americans are responsible for a great many things that have made the world a better place, a great many Americans have died to make those changes, we seem to have forgotten that. We are becoming/have become a nation of sheep, lead around by the nose, fed garbage, and continue to be fleeced.

                 Is it not time to remember those people that have built this country with their, blond, sweat, and tears? Remind ourselves of all those folks that came here legally from other countries, some of them barely alive, to make a better life for themselves and their children and their children's children? Do we seriously have the gonads to tell every Veteran in a V.A. or not. that they are there because we don't care anymore? That they sacrificed for nothing??!!!! What's that old quote? "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke). Apparently more than a few of us have looked the other way for way too long. An for the record the fact I have said some of this here would be grounds for the government to shut this site down, And By quoting that saying just now would more than likely get me fined and jailed if these/those 2 laws pass. Either of them has to potential to take away our Rights and Freedoms, Both together guarantee that we will sooner than later lose those rights.
          One final thing. This is the Free Fire Zone Board, to be more specific what I just wrote is my personal opinion. I love this Country, I would die to defend it, but I am beyond tired of being lied to, PC Correct, told how to raise my children and threatend with jail if I still do things the way our parents did them. I don't condone abuse, but there is a time when corporal punishment is called for. Not to mention having my government steal from me, and give the money they have stolen away to people who do not need it, and have no right to it. Of having my government tell me when, or if and when I can collect disability benefits let alone my Social Security benefits. If you want the full amount you have earned you have to stay employed or at least not claim them until you are 72. Used to be 60 then 65, now it's 72. Bet our kids will have to be over a hundred when and if Social Security pays them. We paid them in good faith. Our government broke that faith.
        One last point. Any dissenting opinions will be deleted.  :cool: :tongue:
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