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Season endinf
« on: December 12, 2017, 07:43:07 AM »
As we close the 2017 season, I can say mines is over with major matches. Iíll probably squeeze in a local match or two, but my main goal is to rest, dry fire and load up on ammo. 2017 was a good year for me, started with a couple wins in B class Production, and made A class midyear during the summer.
Goals for 2018 is to improve and be consistent, and maybe sometime acquire a Scorpion and probably dip into the PCc, or maybe add an RMR to my P-10c and try carry optics. But I am in love with my Shadow 2. How about you guys, how was 201$, and what are your goals for 2018?  Here is my YouTube video from the Florida Invitational Pistol Tournament Dec 2017, last major match of the year

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