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Basic Rules
« on: January 27, 2011, 05:37:58 PM »
First off I would like to remind everyone that this is hopefully an International Forum for folks the world over to gather to talk, discuss, give and receive some advice and in general help each other in our enjoyment of CZ's and shooting in general. So basically these are the Rules as they stand now:
Urgent Announcement:
If you get a PM from ANYONE here on this forum that you do not know nor would have reason to get a PM from them, DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINK in it! Report it to a Mod or myself ASAP if not sooner. It may be nothing, but more than likely it's an attack of some kind, Phising, Spaming, Virus, Hacking and or Cracking. Better safe than sorry. We have had a couple spammers stop in and I deleted them, but we have now had what I'm fairly sure is/was a phishing attack. I have deleted the account, and I hope all the post that were sent. If you see one delete it. Also the name and IP have been permanently banned. That's not a guaranty they won't try again, so just be carefull about what you get, who it's from, and act on the safe side of caution. Sorry for the inconvenience, but there is not anything that can be done until the user posts something and or uses a bannable name to sign up with.

FIRST RULE is there will be no discussions or remarks pertaining to ANY thing of a Religious nature. We have people from various Religious beliefs that may or may not conflict with someone elseís beliefs, and innocent comments or remarks or Quotations can be offensive to those of a different Faith. Please do not use any sort of Religious quotation in your Signature or when commenting on anyoneís post about anything. If you do I will remove it and refer you to this Rule. If you do it again then I will not allow you to post but you may still read the various topics. There may well come a time when I will be forced to outright ban members because of their refusal to work within the rules. If and when that happens I will post the Screen Name of that user in a special Category so that anyone that you have made friends with will know they cannot contact you through this Forum anymore nor will you be allowed to even view the Forum.  I believe it is wrong to ban anyone and not let the members know because friendships and relationships can and I hope will be made here and your contacts should be advised as to why you are no longer posting. I canít think of a reason to punish your friends for your misbehavior.

SECOND RULE: Vulgarity, Pornography, general verbal abuse is NOT acceptable and will NOT be tolerated. If you feel that someone has posted anything that strikes you as a personal attack then you may ONCE and as politely as Possible Publicly say so and then you WILL deal with the situation on a Personal and out of Public sight basis. I will not have a flame war of any kind here in this Forum. I have as part of the Soft Ware that runs this Forum a Chat Room setting that MAY be used to settle Personal differences, or it can be used as an ad hoc place to work with someone while helping them fix the Issue they need help with. I believe that there are 2 settings one is a Private Chat and the other is a Public chat. As for profanity, That is a subject that tends to differ across the entire spectrum of civilization. Personally I donít think that words like damn, damn it, hell, are even thought of that way anymore by a vast majority of folks. HOWEVER I would hope that youngsters will also find this forum helpful and since I donít have a way to divide this site into Adult and Youth sections letís keep it to a minimum, and if you abuse the privilege, then I will be forced to warn you once then refer you to Rule one. Which is different from the FIRST RULE,
Rule One is simply ďThe person that owns the Domain and Forum gets to make the rulesĒ. And that would be myself.

THIRD RULE:  I do not think itís possible when talking about weapons and shooting not to have politics in some form crop up. After this entire Forum supports the 2nd Amendment and believes any legislation good, bad or indifferent anywhere in the world that concerns the right to own and bear arms and the use there of needs to be disseminated to as many members as possible. Along with the names of the Politicians and Organizations that have proposed the laws, or restrictions. What members MAY NOT do is denigrate in any way Political Parties nor the Governments nor the political Parties that may belong to those Governments.  If you think Communism is the most evil thing in the world keep it to yourself. If you think The United States of America is or is becoming a Fascist State or wantsí to be the evil overlord of the world, keep it to yourself. I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW! Nor will I allow this Forum to become any kind of Political soap box. You donít like the way things are run here in the US or anywhere, itís up to you to either vote or use whatever other legal means at your disposal and either put up or shut up.

FOURTH RULE: This may seem weird considering what I said about Religion on this Forum, but Holidays WILL be posted and acknowledged, We WILL be using the term Christmas, We will be using the term Easter, And so on. Boxing Day St Patrickís day, etc and so on. For the most part despite of the way some of those holidays are looked at nowadays, that arenít really all that Religious. They are filled with fun and happiness; I also think it fair to Acknowledge the MAJOR Events, Celebrations, Observances. Either completly religiously serious or with a mixtue of Faith and fun, Example: Ramadan, Hanukah, Chinese New Year, The Incaís? Theory that the last day on earth with be in 2012. You may or may not have noticed we have a Calendar on the Forum. I will do my Best to have it list any and all Shooting Competitions and locations, Major Holidays from around the world, if you know one and I know I missed dozens then PM me and Iíll try to add it. I will NOT suffer folks complaining nor making ugly remarks or even commenting about the Holidays. I see no reason Religion or the DISCUSSION of same, needs to be used or brought up in this Forum but I do see the need to Recognize that we are a worldwide groups with different beliefs and if we canít share information or awareness at this simple level then what hope do we as humanity have? And if we are going to say Merry Christmas then we can say Merry or Happy or however itís done for someone else. Fair is Fair.

That for now is all I can think of needs saying at this point. I am not even Close to perfect and I sometimes do not get want I really intend or mean said/written correctly. IF there is someone, anyone with some mad writing skills and can think of how to rewrite any of these rules in a more understandable and presentable way, PLEASE feel free to make any revisions to the language, Especially if itís LEGAL revisions because I wrote something incorrectly because I am not a lawyer, Send them to me, email I presume, and I will look the suggestions over and either use them or not. (Somehow I think I will be using at least part of them). Also if you think I need to add a rule then please type it up and send it to me and again if it works then I will add it.

Folks, this is, or at least I want, hope, it to be OUR forum so I can use some help. I always listen to advice (Not saying I use it but I never not listen)
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