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Title: Sarsilmaz CM9 Gen2
Post by: bailey on June 16, 2017, 05:49:16 AM
Just purchased an inexpensive little 9mm from Classic  Firearms when they were running them for $249.99   I was wondering if anyone else has purchased one and if the have had a positive experience with it.
Title: Re: Sarsilmaz CM9 Gen2
Post by: chfields on June 16, 2017, 05:19:13 PM
Welcome to our forum!! While I don't have personal experience, I have heard good things about the Sars. Again, welcome to our forum!
Title: Re: Sarsilmaz CM9 Gen2
Post by: bailey on June 17, 2017, 05:00:54 AM
Thank you for the warm greeting.

Woke up early this morning so I can go to the reloading room and run off a batch of 9mm so I can be the first one at the range this morning. I shot the Gen2 last Sunday and was impressed with its operation. The point of impact was very low and the supplied screwdriver type stamped wrench bent badly as I tried to adjust the elevation on the rear sight. I had no real screwdriver with me so I put it away and played with the Glock, Styer, and Springfield XDE.

I will say that I was out of my comfort range when I purchased this rather inexpensive little 9mm.  Armed only with the 5 or 6 comments from other buyers I figured what the heck its only money and it won't be too big of a loss if it shoots badly. Basically I tore up a section of the target and made a massive hole that if properly centered in the target might be something to be proud of.

To be truthful I'm not a 9mm guy but rather 1911 person. I do have the Glock 23 which my son convinced me to purchase and I bought an aftermarket stainless barrel in 9mm for it so I could shoot lead. The wife has the Styer and the Springfield XDE.

In having shot the three different well 4 if you count my Glock in the mix I would have to probably pick the XDE followed by the Gen2.
I will also say that while on the range a gentleman showed up with a CZ75  Shadow all tricked out. I had an opportunity to shoot his Shadow and would probably part with one of my 1911's to own that fine gun.
Title: Re: Sarsilmaz CM9 Gen2
Post by: chfields on June 17, 2017, 11:05:09 AM
I also grew up shooting the 1911 and i ended up getting the CZ 75B SA and tricking it out for IDPA. The Shadow would definitely be my next pick, I got the chance to shoot one in competition after the slide stop broke on my SA. It is a sweet pistol, can't be beat, IMHO...
Title: Re: Sarsilmaz CM9 Gen2
Post by: Hemiram on July 04, 2017, 05:35:23 PM
I have the CM9 gen2, along with it's predecessor, the CM9, AKA SAR K2P, and both are great guns, regardless of the price.