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Dry Fire Practice
« on: May 14, 2017, 01:13:32 PM »
The cheapest and IMO best practice tools. A Laserlyte cartridge about $80 - $90 depending on your gun model. That will show you where you are hitting. Then either print targets from online or buy IDPA targets.

Third tool is the
Dry Practice Drill app pro version for $3.00 for your phone. A PAR timer app. The best I have seen.
You can create all kinds of drills and times and it stores them. You can tell it to run the drill as many times as you want and how long to pause in between drills. It will say loudly Ready and then count down silently 5 seconds and then blow the whistle or bell. You have 3 selections of start and stop signals.

It is a great way to train. I also have a Laserlyte target that I don't even use anymore since I discovered this app.