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Just fired my new Tristar S-120!!!

Got my new Tristar S-120 to the range and it is a dream handgun. Superbly accurate!!!!!Had to spend some time prior to shooting showcasing it around the shooting range's employees!!! It's a looker!!!! I replaced the stock grips with GUUUN grips, (had to fit them with the help of a dremmel :sad: :sad: ). The grips are excellent. I did notice that one of my grip panels came loose. I did not add any washers or rubber rings when I installed the grips so I ordered some and hopefully this will alleviate the issue. If not,  LOKTITE!!! I ordered new LOK grips with palm swells and liner. . They'll be here in 15 about days hopefully. I'll share my experience with them!!!!  I dried-fired the gun roughly 300 times prior to actual shooting. I fired close to 250 rounds, no malfunctions!! I found the sights adequate. The double action pull feels heavy but manageable. The single action is actually perfect for me.  I bought the M*CARBO CZ 75 Trigger Spring Kit and I believe I'll just apply whatever kit's parts will lighten the double action trigger pull only, if possible. Enough for now. I took my daughter with me to the range!! We punished those targets to oblivion.!!!!


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