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CZ P 10F feed issues


anyone else having fail to feed issues with their new P10F ?
Iíve got maybe 200 rounds through mine both 115 grain and 124 grain and am getting intermittent but regular failure to feed a round. Theyíre getting hung up on the feed ramp.
Donít know if itís me or the gun.  My Grand Power XTrim eats the same ammo with no issues.


Rodolfo Fierro:
When I first got my 75B it had the same problem.  It turned out to be that the "rim" of the cartridge was hanging up on the extractor.  I removed the extractor and rounded the corner of it and polished it.  That cleared my problem.  Your problem could be the same from the sounds of it.

I took the gun into the shop where I bought it.
We took it apart.  There appears to be a burr or mushroomed edge on the feed ramp.
CZ warranty is involved.  They may end up sending a new barrel.


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