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Any Rohrbaugh fans?


Luger Fan:
Any Rohrbaugh fans here? It is the smallest lightest, 21 ounce 9mm EVER made. They were the NRA handgun of the year in 2005. Originally sold for $1000-$1200 range.

There were only 6000 made, 3 a day with every one put together by Eric Rohrbaugh.If you can't afford a Rolex get a Rohrbaugh. Made with the same hand fit precission.

I am down to two now but at one time owned 10. They are still on G-Broker for $800 and up, $800 for a shooter. They also msade a COVERT. The COVERT was a basic two tone that was sent to Wilsom Combat. They polished all ine internals, I had one and didn''t see any difference, Duracoated the entire gun black and stamped COVERT on the frame under the slide.

Lot of money for a novelty but the basic Rohrbaugh in 9mm, they also made I THINK 147 in 380 is a work of art that riges in the front pocket as easy as a .25 does.................but this has more punch.

Remingtom bought them out a few years ago with the IDEA of mas producing them with plastic frames. Eric told hem it wouldn't work but they insisted, paid him, brother, and mother, the ENTIRE company a lot of money. Remington had to settle to a making it in .380, bigger, with a LOT of extra levers.     

I had one I had purchased in 2004 or 2005. Sold it in or about 2010. As expensive as it was I had a few issues with FTF and FTE. Made a little profit selling it.

Luger Fan:
Wow! Don't know if it was ammo or a cleaning issue. As I said I have owned TEN. Don't think I ever had any issues. I cary one daily. You must also NEVER limp wrist, that will cause FTE.

Didn't they recommend recoil spring changes at something like every 500rds?

Luger Fan:
Actually its recommended the recoil spring be replaced every 200 rounds. Wolff makes them, as they did all the springs. Recoil springs are a whopping $5.00 each but to be honest at 18 ounces, loaded, its 'carry lot, shoot a little' gun.   


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