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Being a newbie to the forum, please advise me if this is not the place to post this thread. Last week I purchased a new CZ75 B Omega. At the range. my shots grouped high and to the left of center. First is this normal and how do most members correct this. Thanks in advance. Jerry

Are you a seasoned shooter who has a good grasp of shooting fundamentals? Are you shooting off hand and at what distance? Have you tried shooting the gun off of a rest or better yet, a ransom rest to see what the gun can do mechanically?  A little more info is needed to further help.

Leo, Thank you for your interest in helping me improve my shooting skills. I have been shooting all my life. I only started serious pistol bulls eye shooting in 2010. I shoot off hand. The distance at the range I shoot often is like 30 feet. I have never shot either my Beretta 92 or CZ 75 Omega off a rest. In fact, I purchased my CZ Omega only last week. I purchased it new. My first attempt with the CZ was to shoot a shorter COAL (because of the short rifling lead in) bullet that I shoot in my Beretta, but had, going into battery issues. My friend loaned me his RCBS 09-124-CN mold. I have a box of these loaded that I will try Monday. The COAL that I settled on with the RCBS bullet was 1.025. Again, many thanks for you taking the time to steer me in the right direction. Jerry 

I am glad to help in anyway I can. I would recommend shooting it off of a rest to see what it is doing mechanically. Once you have a few good representations of where it is printing on paper, go back to shooting freestyle and see what happens.

Leo, I will do the rest as you suggested. Say the pistol shoots off center, with fixed sight, would I go with an adjustable rear sight? Your recommendation makes so much cense to me now, because shooting groups off a rest can lead to identifying shooter errors. Thanks.


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